About Us

The Mission:

To increase intercultural awareness within the community by offering a myriad of artistic and culturally diverse products.  By employing principles of creativity, faith and integrity we seek to raise intercultural awareness within communities utilizing unique artisan products.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality ethnic collectibles and gifts available.  Our goal is to offer our customers the best and most creative items from a multitude of diverse artist, globally.


Habiba Hall-Bey, Founder and President of Habibatique Ethnic Collections

She is creative, artistic and loves sharing her talents, passion and creations  with others.  Habiba's creative abilities include the production of note and greeting cards, jewelry including earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  She is also well versed in fabrication artistic earring holders and beautiful wall hangings.  For the holiday season she enjoys making African american Santa clauses as well as other seasonally appropriate items. Additionally, as a fan of nature body care products Habiba has made a custom line of scented shea butter creams for skin and hair use.  The majority of the products we offer are hand created by Habiba.  However, a number of our products come from emerging ethnic artists in America as well as internationally.

Habiba is a mother of two adult, a daughter and son, and has two grandsons.  She's also a motivational speaker that has future aspirations of writing a book or two.

Our History

The company has been in business since 1995 and originally started by selling women's fashions and hosting home shows, in San Jose, California.  Since then, Habibatique Ethenic Collections has grown exponentially and vastly expanded the types of products it offers.  We specializes in a wide variety of inspirational gifts, artistic home decor items, handcrafted and custom jewelry,  Afrocentric fashion apparel, cosmetic accessories, artisan tote bags, collectible items and much more.

You can always find us at numerous shows, festivals or other events throughout the Bay Area.